About Us

We are an independent Oil and Gas well evaluation and service Company.  Our goal is to provide services with the Echometer, slickline and swab rig to helping our customers attempt to operate their properties at optimal performance while keeping LOE at a minimum.  



Russell Brown (Owner)

Phone: 806 570 1316

Email: RBrown@WellsWhisper.com

Justin Brown (CEO and Well Tech)

Phone: 806 570 1841

Email: JustinB@WellsWhisper.com


Where to Find Us:

Wells Whisper llc
Dumas, Tx 79029 


1169 South Quentine

Milliken, CO 80543



Russell Brown 806 570 1316



Justin Brown 806 570 1841


What's New

We recently acquired a swab rig division!!

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