Wells Whisper, LLC.

  • Echometer equimpment- We shoot fluid levels, running dynamometer test, tracking plungers etc...
  • Slickline trucks- Top of the line rigs, new equipment, seasoned operators, and competivly priced.
  • Braided Cable high pressure Swabbing- Can more effectively pack off against and still be able to have enough weight to fall in wells with high pressure and swab to the seperator. 


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We specialize in using the Echometer equipment. Evaluating wells for the goal of production optimization. We shoot FL’s to determine fluid levels, look for holes in tbg, and can find faulty gas lift valves. We run dynamometer to evaluate the performance of the pump. As well as, plunger tracking to determine how fast these plungers are really falling in real time.


Our slickline division is top notch. We are professionals in fish and tags, gauge ring runs, gyro’s, broaching, drive down sample bailers, shifting sleeves, setting down hole assemblies, setting plugs, setting two stages, cutting paraffin, perforating tubing, running temperature / pressure gauges.



High pressure swabbing in the goal to help unload, loaded up with pressure on them. With the smaller 7/32 wire we are able to more effectively pack off against and still be able to have enough weight to fall in wells with high pressure. Wells don’t have to be completely blown down to zero psi and be completely loaded up. We can also swab to the separator instead of the open tank. Emitting minimal to no gas emissions in the process of swabbing.


                                     Our History

We have been BLESSED!!

Wells Whisper was started in 2011 by Russell Brown. He came with 20 years of oil and gas production experience. He worked as a Well Tech for an operator earlier in his career. There he used the Echometer equipment and realized its value. Now wanting to start his own business he bought an Echometer and asked his son Justin, a recent graduate from Colorado State University, to help start a business. With this special equipment and their expertise the business continued to grow. Before you know it they needed another Echometers and more people to train. They also grew a customer base and established a good reputation. So a few years later they decided to diversify and Russell built their first slickline truck. Then adding the .108/.125 double drum slickline truck to the arsenal. Getting that truck busy they added 2 more slickline trailers over the next few years. In 2020 seeing a need to help their customers more, they started a swab division of the company. Keeping the motto of “Trust God, clean house, and work with others” they hope to continue to grow Wells Whisper and service their customers with the highest quality service.


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